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La Grange du Tambour
Aquarelle par FB.

Why the Grange du Tambour ?

Quite simply, this house was once a barn ­ a grange ­ a gift to a drummer ­ a tambour ­ in recompense for his services to Napoleon's army. It passed down the generations and was eventually sold ­ most recently to our family. So, since 1988, this has been a very happy home to us, our children, our grandchildren and our friends. "Il n'y a pas d'âge pour construire et même planter", contradicting La Fontaine. We have loved this place ever since, though it is even more beautiful now after all the work and improvements carried out over the past few years.

Why these Personal Pages?

Several years ago my work involved me in text editing, the uses and abuses of which introduced me to the enormous pleasure it offered despite the seriousness of the work in hand. I also discovered that a personal computer is basically a text editor, a sophisticated type-writer which can also be used for designing, searching, calculating, setting in order and many other things besides. Curious, I familiarised myself with the subject before eventually acquiring my own computer, using it "d'une manière astucieuse". And then the Internet arrived. Equally curious, I also launched myself into this, discovering, among the thousands of things it offers, the opportunity to maintain contact with friends through messages that arrive in magic letter-boxes, along with photographs and spoken words. My little grandson Jules Antoine calls me Mamimi.Net. With good reason.

More, I discovered in a lot of papers and photographs, a letter from my father, to my grand cousin Jeanette. I give to you this paragraph which allowed to me to get good reasons of pride to have done all that I have done and I assume that he is very proud about me.

... Your loving tenderness links me to the past and without you a lifetime and nearly four generations would go completely forgotten. You know how much those memories linked with the Floros, the Zygomalas and the Vlastos have always meant to me. The El-Biar Villa, all those things that were from the past but came to be part of my everyday life. And it seems to me that I would not be able to bequeath with equal devotion all those memories to Françoise, first of all because the new generations don't want to trouble themselves with old "moons", but also because I don't know how to revive this spiritual legacy the way Mommy, Grandma, Aunt Hélène and yourself have...
In spite of himself, he bequeathes this heritage and It's perhaps by all these recent techniques that I am able to let the past to relive, with devotion and happiness.

Clicking on the eye, or on this link, you will explore the contient of these personal pages, growing up with the time.

These pages are dedicated to loved-ones, all my friends.

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